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Dark GDK .NET / Documentation

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Joined: 26th Jul 2009
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Posted: 26th Jul 2009 11:55
I think the documentation needs a lot more technical detail, and more notes on changes. I'm producing a Delphi Prism interface for Dark GDK.NET, and I'm hitting a few snags! Here are a few questions:

(1) Are the DLLs in the GAC .NET byte code, or are they native code produced from the DGDK .lib files?

(2) The legacy examples use dgdlGlobals.cs (or.vb) etc includes but the current getting started examples don't. Why is this? What is the status of these files on the latest system?

(3) Using Prism, the new examples compile ok in VS 2008, but fail at runtime with an NIL object - DarkGDK.Core.SyncRate(60);
Looks as though DarkGDK is not intialising correctly. Is there an explicit method to ensure that library is open?

(4) Some of the examples fail at close if the hosting window is closed by clicking the close icon, but don't do this if ESC is pressed. I suspect this is a double-close issue (i.e. Attempting to call a shutdown on a freed object, but haven't checked. Really the examples should work perfectly to be useful.

(5) A clear explanation of the low-level mechanics of the library would be very useful!

(6) Before any wombats pop up going "WTF do you want to use Pascal for?", the whole point of .NET is cross-platform, cross-language integration, and I'm using this for advanced language-learning programs, for which I have a lot of powerful core code which I'd like to have an advanced 3D interface for, because most educational programs are archaic and total pants in UI terms!

-- Jim

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