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Music & Sound FX / [STICKY] Free sounds and Music List

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Posted: 27th Jul 2009 03:44 Edited at: 27th Jul 2009 03:45
Hi guys,

I've noticed that many users are offering free music and sounds. If enough people post in this thread, I'd be happy to sticky it so others can easily get to your music before it gets buried in the forum.

Please post in some kind of uniform format.

Song Name:
Format: (mp3,ogg, wmv, midi, etc.)
Other Notes:

Sound or instrument Name:
Length:(if applicable)
Format: (mp3,ogg, wmv, midi, etc.)
Other Notes:

Anything posted in here should also be available to the public absolutely royalty free. If your sounds are available for free, and you'd like credit or notification of use, or similar terms, put that in the notes section. However, this is not a thread to sell music.

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Posted: 30th Jul 2009 10:13 Edited at: 19th Aug 2010 06:47
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Posted: 10th Aug 2009 03:55 Edited at: 30th Oct 2009 02:06
Sounds by BMacZero
Requests Welcome! (see link below)

Sound Packs:
- Running Water Loop (3 sounds)
- Reload and Mechanical Sounds (5 sounds)
- Mechanical and Electricity Sounds (8 sounds)
- Bubbling Sounds (5 sounds)
- Card Game Sounds (5 sounds)
- Metallic Impact Sounds (8 sounds)
- Clock Sounds (8 sounds)

Format: .wav
Other Notes: Credit is always nice but not necessary.

The Thread: Free Sounds

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Posted: 8th Sep 2009 01:09 Edited at: 8th Sep 2009 01:10
Music by Rudolpho

Intro Formosa
Genre: Symphonic soundtrack
Length: 02:09
Format: mp3 (320 Kbit/s)

Pure Heart
Genre: Symphonic soundtrack
Length: 02:26
Format: mp3 (320 Kbit/s)

The Betrayal
Genre: Symphonic soundtrack
Length: 04:17
Format: mp3 (320 Kbit/s)

Genre: Classical / romantic
Length: 02:48
Format: mp3 (320 Kbit/s)

Anthem Prototype
Genre: Orchestral
Length: 01:40
Format: mp3 (320 Kbit/s)
Notes: Written for fun in the Forum President Election (2008) thread. That's right TGC, feel honoured; your very own anthem

Medieval Theme
Genre: Fantasy
Length: 01:00
Format: mp3 (320 Kbit/s)

Birua - Level Music
Genre: Amiga metal (that's what you call it, right?)
Length: 01:26
Format: mp3 (320 Kbit/s)
Note: I suppose you are free to use this; it was originally written for a DarkNoobs game though. Also note that the song is intended to loop and thus features no proper ending.

Genre: Orchestral
Length: 02:06
Format: mp3 (320 Kbit/s)
Note: Originally written on request by tha_rai, but rejected, so furthermore free for use.

Plains of Peace
Genre: Ambience / etheric
Length: 01:45
Format: mp3 (320 Kbit/s)

Well, those are some of the better tracks I've posted around here that are more or less free to use in your projects. Please contact me if you are going to use any of them (always nice to see where your work appear) and put me in the credits
I might update this post with more tracks as they come.

Requests: I do take requests. Only serious projects though, thank you. Use the mail button below. Also note that I don't always have that much time for composing; it varies.

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