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Dark GDK .NET / Latest documentation for Dark GDK.NET - available?

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Joined: 7th Aug 2009
Posted: 13th Aug 2009 02:54
Found the old documentation for Dark GDK.NET at:

It is about 2 years old. According to the tutorial, it requires about 24 steps to complete a solution in C# whereas Dark GDK C++ takes much less number of steps.

Does the newest version of Dark GDK.NET require much less number of steps? Are there any new documentation available for it yet?

Geo Massar
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Posted: 13th Aug 2009 15:03
Good grief, that Wiki is very out of date. It was an experiment I tried to which will need a complete update. The idea was to allow certain people to log on and update the documentation as and when.

Don't use that as a gauge of what is now required to setup a project. The new version contains project tamplates that you can use to instantly start developing.


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