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FPSC Classic Work In Progress / [x9][WIP]The forgotten

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Joined: 18th Aug 2009
Posted: 18th Aug 2009 10:08 Edited at: 19th Aug 2009 02:26
hi guys this is my first game project using Fps Creator .

the story : you have no history . you woke up trapped in some sort of facility . one day you decided to break out someone helped you but what horrors does this facility hides ? that's up to you to find out.

guys this is a work in progress so based on the interest level i might upload a demo of the game or i might put it on hold so give me your opinion.

there seems to be request of screen shots of the game but i don't know how to put one can anyone help me ?


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Joined: 20th Aug 2007
Posted: 18th Aug 2009 16:01 Edited at: 18th Aug 2009 16:08
Welcome Jack.
Quote: "i might upload a demo of the game or i might put it on hold"

Working for ones own interest and gains from doing so, is a good place to start.
Searching for public opinion, uploading a jpeg picture (miscrosoft paint can do this for you, there are many others.) is required.

Good luck to you, work with the story, plan scenes to flow.
Ask yourself why do I have the player trapped, what/who put him there? if it's the horrors then I guess you have something a little different.
And this someone, how did they get past the horrors? or are they not who they may be. You never know what may evolve if you work with it a bit more, get your own style going.

I'll check back to see when you up a .jpeg ,hoping you do so before a lock or something. Enjoy building.

"in videogames you try to get the best graphics with the least amount of processing." -Ingolme
"The more skill you acquire, the less you have to use it." SS
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Posted: 18th Aug 2009 20:18
For the sake of this thread.


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Metal Devil123
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Joined: 13th Jul 2008
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Posted: 18th Aug 2009 21:07
Well... About the picture. It could be better. Entities. It's showing nothing. A guy looking at a stock sci-fi body, in a stock blood pointing with stock weapion. Well, I like the name. More stuff and lighting.

PS: -.- ,,|,

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