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Dark GDK .NET / Issue with Template

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Joined: 25th Aug 2009
Posted: 25th Aug 2009 13:14
So I have gotten the template working thanks to the wonderful information on these forums. However, I have a functionality question I would like to ask.

In the template, the cube is set to rotate with the following code:

Is this supposed to be animated rotation, where it moves with each loop? Or with mouse movement? Because right now it does neither.

Could someone let me know what is missing here so I can get this template fully functional?


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Posted: 27th Aug 2009 02:59

If you send me your modified project (email), I'll take a look to see if it's something to do with the input messaging. Technically speaking, the sample should work, but I can't see why it isn't based on the sample code you have provided.


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