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FPSC Classic Work In Progress / [LOCKED] The House (MIND-TRIX comp entry)

Armageddon Games
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Joined: 29th Apr 2009
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Posted: 30th Sep 2009 17:35

JESUS-- this looks amazing dude-- i would definately play this

Metal Devil123
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Joined: 13th Jul 2008
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Posted: 30th Sep 2009 22:03
Quote: "How did you make the little girl and how did you make it so you could barelly see her and not see and facial features?"

I didn't make her and I put a static light behind her. She is static too...

Quote: "JESUS-- this looks amazing dude-- i would definately play this"

Thanks, dude. The newer one looks 100 times better. I've started from the beginning, cause, this errors. So a mod can lock this thread.

I will make a new one when ready to show off it. Thanks!

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