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FPSC Classic Work In Progress / [LOCKED] [X9] Sector 17 W.I.P (with screens)

Insane Arts
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Joined: 19th Sep 2009
Location: Australia
Posted: 19th Sep 2009 20:30
Your name is Carl Kingston, You're a nuclear technician. You've been called in by a secret government organization and asked too fix both of there main core reactors, while you're busy working away at the repairs.. something happens, sirens begin too holler Through out the Facility, asking you too evacuate, You leave the reactor room and head up too the main facility, the path is blocked off by debris, what has happened here?! You must find another way out, you go through the vents, and begin hearing strange sounds coming from every direction, You exit the vent and find yourself in the Chemical research section of the factory, Theirs Gas everywhere lucky you're wearing your RadSuit, What is that behind the shadows!...

Lets find out.

--== SECTOR 17 ==--


Hey guys this is my first FPSC game, So far theirs been a few days work on it, And i should be releasing a demo by the end of the month! This game will be free on release and has alot of features.

-Iron sights
-Over 30 different weapons
-over 20 Levels
-Dodgy voice acting
-Multiple choice scripts
-AI (Allies)

this game will present non stop action and is also abit of a puzzler (Requires the use of the physics to complete some parts of the game)

Here are 6 screens, after only 2 days work! Count on the demo being much improved, so far its only beta (:

Ill also be uploading a gameplay video, and trailer, so keep and eye out!

Programming, Design and common sense.
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Joined: 24th Nov 2008
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Posted: 19th Sep 2009 22:43
this sounds a little bit like my game- radiate (well the nuclear aspect at least)

post a screenie?
Metal Devil123
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Joined: 13th Jul 2008
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Posted: 19th Sep 2009 22:47
I can't see the screenies...

PS: -.- ,,|,
Braden 713
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Joined: 3rd Aug 2007
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Posted: 19th Sep 2009 22:50 Edited at: 19th Sep 2009 22:51
This sounds very promising man! I just wish I could see your screenshots
They all appear to not work unfortunately; at least for me that is. But the rest of your game sounds great so far, seems like it will have really varied gameplay and lots of nice features, which should be really fun!


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Posted: 21st Sep 2009 03:02
W.I.P evidence

SCREEN SHOTS are required for all posts you make in this board. If you've got a demo of a game then great, post a screenie of it, and maybe even a download. Otherwise, you're not really at the stage where you can call it a Work In Progress.

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