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FPSC Classic Work In Progress / [LOCKED] dday;the End of the world!!!!!1

Naruto 4 evr!!!!!!!!!
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Joined: 29th Sep 2009
Posted: 30th Sep 2009 05:54
hithere guys i am making a cool new game in fpsc that i hope it becomes famous. It's called D day, the end of the world! you play as omaegaZord and you have to use you're trusty bazooka to kill all the enimy zords before felahexa uses the world as a bomb to destroy the Newly discovered martians on the moon because of a childhood experience he had with the martians. herse a screenshot, I only made the first Room, so hopefully I'll get done soon on the first level
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Joined: 26th Dec 2008
Posted: 30th Sep 2009 06:53
What? what screen, is this a joke or are you like having a stupid attack? Childhood experience? I'm sorry, but that is a really, um, interestingstoryline. Just for your information, D Day already happened so you kinda can't relate a WWII battle to the end of the world. Oh, and Martian means a native of Mars, so if they were newly discovered on the moon, why the heck would you call them Martians?!
Metal Devil123
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Joined: 13th Jul 2008
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Posted: 30th Sep 2009 16:30
You forgot to upload a screen. Better do it quickly, before this gets locked!

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Posted: 30th Sep 2009 17:18
W.I.P evidence

SCREEN SHOTS are required for all posts you make in this board. If you've got a demo of a game then great, post a screenie of it, and maybe even a download. Otherwise, you're not really at the stage where you can call it a Work In Progress.

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