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DarkBASIC Discussion / the 3d game maker q.

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Joined: 7th Nov 2002
Posted: 9th Nov 2002 03:41
i bought the 3d game maker,
i want know how can i make animated object, i can import static one

i want to insert man walk ,fail when dei,stop whene i wait... etc (all its animation staus)

can u explain how can do this step by step!
i read faq in your site but it is not enough,
q. no 28
i want step by step tutorial for this

if u please ansower me soon
thank u
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Joined: 24th Dec 2002
Location: Australia
Posted: 25th Dec 2002 09:03
Good Question...
I think i want my money back from buy
this not so good software called 3D Gamemaker.

Can I trade it in to get a discount on DBPro ???

John H
Retired Moderator
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Joined: 14th Oct 2002
Location: Burlington, VT
Posted: 25th Dec 2002 18:14
The 3dGM is pretty weak. Id suggest just getting DB and learning to code the REAL way


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Joined: 24th Nov 2002
Location: France
Posted: 25th Dec 2002 19:54
Trying to animate in DB can do deon if you use keyframes

B. R. W

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