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Dark GDK .NET / Using Sparky's on

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Joined: 4th Apr 2003
Location: Gods own County, UK
Posted: 18th Oct 2009 15:14
I know SC is not .net enabled, but is it possible to "wrap" a few commands easily? Or is there a more complicated way to incorporate them with a little effort?

I looked at the plugin sample project, but it's beyond me - I didn't quite understand what it was doing.

In my simplistic scenario, I only need to register objects, group them and raycast - half a dozen commands at the most. Is there a way I can "cheat" to do this?

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Joined: 8th Feb 2008
Location: Aloha, Oregon
Posted: 19th Oct 2009 20:05
I wouldn't know where to start either, but I'd certainly love to know. This is probably the only thing that's really held me back from writing my server app in GDK.Net.

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