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FPSC Classic Work In Progress / [LOCKED] [X9] Alone

WWIV Studios
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Joined: 10th Sep 2009
Location: Atlanta,Georgia
Posted: 26th Oct 2009 01:05
This is for a school book project so it feels rushed.

However after I Turn this in for a grade, I plan to come back and finish it.

=In Progress
=Not Started

5 Levels
Smart AI
Lives and Health (but being fixed)
Variety of Weapons

If Anyone could download and critic this it would be very helpful

Sniper Studios now merged into WWIVStudios

Army Tanks and Missle Models by Heltor

FPSC Newbie


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Joined: 4th Sep 2007
Location: City 17
Posted: 26th Oct 2009 01:36
Before posting.

You need an in-game shot and an acceptable plot/storyline before posting here.

Its a good day to do what has to be done by me and help my brother to defeat the enemies

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