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2D All the way! / where can i get...

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Joined: 22nd Oct 2002
Location: United States
Posted: 1st Sep 2003 20:04
... a full cloudy sky thats seemles and looks realistic?

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- Psalms 23:4
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Joined: 9th Mar 2003
Location: United Kingdom
Posted: 1st Sep 2003 20:18
in 2d? or do you want a seamless texture? i believe texture make does this very well or most other art packages(good ones!!!) can also probably do this, then you just texture the inside of a cube fiddle with the set object texture command and voila a perfect sky

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Joined: 26th Aug 2002
Location: Earth, Brisbane, Australia
Posted: 3rd Sep 2003 08:32
texture maker has a seamless cloud renderer.

photoshops 2 cloud filters are seamless if the canvas made for it is evenly divisble by 2 on both x and y
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