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Program Announcements / Update to Antagonism (my "Space Harrier style" 3D shooter)

Mr Wright
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Joined: 4th Feb 2009
Location: UK
Posted: 22nd Nov 2009 15:54 Edited at: 3rd Mar 2013 17:36
Hi Everyone

A few months back I posted about my Freeware DB game Antagonism in
the thread below:

Available to download from my site:

I've sinced got around to producing a second version with minor updates, such as adding joystick support and the option to invert the controls. Also after playing Antagonism a bit I discovered it was in fact extremely hard (certainly on later levels). Even I couldn't complete it, and I wrote the whole thing! So I've included an option to continue play as well.

I couldn't work out the error Jimpo mentioned about objects being textureless. I think it's related to me using the 'clone object' command as opposed to 'instant object'. I tried using instant instead and suddenly I've got no textures displaying.

About that pesky runtime error others mentioned concerning animations. I'm sorry to say I couldn't figure that out either although I've done some research on the forums and have come to the conclusion it's some sort of bug in DB. But I'm no expert. Anyway, I've released two versions of the game, one without animations. Both are available from my site.

Youtube Channel
Virtual Nomad
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Posted: 22nd Nov 2009 19:03 Edited at: 22nd Nov 2009 19:05
nice game but very hard. i couldn't get past the first dragon after multiple continues so i gave up

i, too, couldn't run the animations... any chance of you converting to standard format or posting them on youtube so we can see what we're missing?

otherwise, everything in the game was very clean. nice job!

@others - when you double-click the exe, there will be a long(ish) pause before the "loading" screen pops up. at first i thought it was hung up (silent crash) but, with a little patience (~10-15 secs worth? i guess it's unpacking assets...), it does run fine.

thanks for sharing!

ps: iona rocks. my kind o' (in-game) gal

Mr Wright
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Joined: 4th Feb 2009
Location: UK
Posted: 23rd Nov 2009 11:35
Thanks for the feedback Virtual Nomad. I agree, the game is very hard, although I don't find the dragon too difficult. As with Space Harrier you have to hit it in the head, anywhere else and your shots just rebound off it. When hit the dragon will briefly flash and make a short "oww" type noise. It takes about seven hits to kill.

I'm sorry about the animations not working on your machine. I tried Windows format for them but the quality was severely degraded and the file sizes much larger. However I have compiled them into a video on my Youtube channel:

You are right about that pause before the loading screen, I couldn't figure anyway around it apart from not compressing the media files. However the .exe file is several megs bigger uncompressed.

I'm glad you liked Iona. I'm no expert when it comes to 3D modelling and she did take sometime to create.

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