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FPSC Classic Work In Progress / [LOCKED] Shatterstar: Beginnings

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Joined: 4th Dec 2009
Posted: 4th Dec 2009 17:43
The year is 2957, after serving in the post-brute war the Group of Affiliated Soldiers (or Goas) has designed a program that will enhance soldiers by 500%. But when testing the syrum neccesary for the project, something goes horribly wrong and the result: Conkers. The military imprisoned all of the conkers including you. But it turns out that your blood posseses a sort of antidote and you return to human form. Your mission is to get to the Goas so they can create an antidote. The fate of the universe is in your hands. (or blood)

I just started on this a game a couple of days ago so it is open to new ideas. Screenies later. Fell free to mention anything i can add or change to storyline. Oh and i don't even have a proper title for the game.

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Posted: 4th Dec 2009 18:11
W.I.P evidence

SCREEN SHOTS are required for all posts you make in this board. If you've got a demo of a game then great, post a screenie of it, and maybe even a download. Otherwise, you're not really at the stage where you can call it a Work In Progress.

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