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FPSC Classic Work In Progress / Interactive Art Gallery

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Joined: 16th Feb 2007
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Posted: 6th Dec 2009 12:36 Edited at: 7th Dec 2009 09:51
Interactive Art Gallery

Developed by: Cyberdude Productions (FPSC Stock engine, v. 1.15 - Signs)


This is the showcase thread for my Interactive Art Gallery.
Not a videogame per se, but an interesting way for any digital artist to display their work.
It is as powerful as it is easy to use.
Essentially, you use Signs available at to make framed pictures for your art gallery.

Optionally, you can as I have add your own original music scores.

Here's is what a couple of FPSC users had to say...

"...I find some of the alternative uses to be the best.
This is a great one!
You don't have to worry about characters and dynamic entities gumming up the show,
though you could get as interactive as you want, and mix game with gallery.
Or do a fun business presentation of you product or services.
The possibilities are endless..."
Xplosys (

"Cool presentation.
TGC should use it to promote FPSC.
It's very well done and looks professional."
Digger (FPSC user)

Here is the download link:

And here is a YouTube Tutorial for making your own.


It is also rumored that the next release of Robert Knox Horror Mod will allow avi video files to be applied
to segment blocks making the application even more exciting.

I come from a psytrance VJ background with hundreds of trippy visuals on my HD
so you can expect a follow-on tutorial when this video feature becomes available.

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Joined: 12th Aug 2008
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Posted: 14th Dec 2009 19:40
Looks good
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Joined: 24th Nov 2008
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Posted: 15th Dec 2009 16:46

it's an innovative idea, no doubt has it never been done before. adding better lighting on the pictures and in the scene in general would improve it, though.

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Joined: 27th Feb 2009
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Posted: 19th Dec 2009 08:57
Quote: "no doubt has it never been done before."

Actually, it has been:

Anyways, this looks nice. Some lighting would really make it pop though.

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Posted: 6th Jan 2010 13:36
When you've aligned your thread to the Rules of the Showcase Board, let me know and I'll move it back for you.

Hate to look petty; but I've got to be consistent with everyone. Only issue I see is 1 too many images (you can link to the extra ones, if you wish).

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Joined: 7th Dec 2005
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Posted: 6th Jan 2010 17:56
Hmm, shame that FPSC has a painfull loading time or this would be interesting to use when you're applying for a tech/graphical job somewhere.

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Joined: 3rd Mar 2006
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Posted: 6th Jan 2010 23:36 Edited at: 6th Jan 2010 23:37
Quote: "no doubt has it never been done before."

Almost a year ago I had one of my classes make virtual museums in small groups using FPSC. It's just an obvious use of the tool

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Joined: 5th Oct 2006
Posted: 6th Jan 2010 23:58
Smart idea! If there's ever gonna be video to segments support someone should make a virtual theatre in FPSC. It probably wouldn't be legal but still awesome Thumbs up for being innovative!

Metal Devil123
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Posted: 7th Jan 2010 14:47
If they were your own videos, then they it would be legal. But if you would have some District 9 playing in there, then I dunno. Maby.

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