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The 20 Line Challenge / [LOCKED] miles to feet converter in only 13 lines

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Joined: 9th Feb 2010
Posted: 16th Feb 2010 02:48
this is the converter

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Joined: 12th Jun 2007
Posted: 16th Feb 2010 14:04 Edited at: 16th Feb 2010 14:04
I'm assuming that atleast a portion of this is from your temperature converter;
Quote: "Convert Another Temperature"
The 20 Liners board is mainly for the BEST programs that you can make in 20 lines or less. According to the sticky at the top of this board:

Quote: "
The object is to show everyone your programming skills by compressing as much programming code as you can into 20 lines or less to produce the most impressive program that you can.

Anyone can write a 'Hello World' program in less than 20 lines and post it on here. No-one does because it's pointless and shows no programming expertise. Your program should make people say "Wow - that's clever! How did they do that"?

Now if you can write a complete game in 20 lines or less (as many posters have already done) then feel free to post - and amaze us all."

Not to discourage you or anything, but this isn't exactly the type of stuff this board was made for.
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Posted: 13th Mar 2010 00:20
Exactly - yet another poster who is unable to read stickies!



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