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FPSC Classic Work In Progress / [ANNOUNCEMENT] FPSC Community Rules and Information Thread.

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Welcome to the best First Person Shooter Creator Community on the net today! FPSCreator enables anyone to realize their aspirations of developing their own FPS Game; without any knowledge of coding or scripting, or even artistic ability. Go from a single-player adventure, to a multi-player “frag-fest”; you can even opt for a non-violent title, such as a maze quest or historical adventure. It’s entirely up to you, the developer, to decide where you want to go with FPSCreator.

For Developers who are already familiar with the game design process; there is a robust scripting language which you can use to expand your ideas, and create something truly unique. For Game Artists, FPSCreator offers you an extremely east way to showcase your work in a real game environment. For Development Teams, FPSC is an excellent tool to flesh out those initial details and thoughts; in a real working environment, without spending valuable time on coding and media creation.

The FPSC Community is both robust and helpful, should you need advice or assistance. Many in the Community have been using FPSCreator for a number of years, and have developed their own titles; some of the best are showcased in the Best of the Best thread.

Whatever your (3D) game development dream is; you’ve come to the right place to start (or continue) your journey into creating your very own game.

The following Menu will help you navigate to the section you want to check out; I encourage you to read them all, however.

Thread Menu Navigation

FPSCreator, Model Packs and The Game Creator Store


Official Community Guide

FPSC Mods (Engine Modifications)

FPSC and other TGC Programs

FPSC 3rd Party Tools List

TGC Store

Posting Screenshots

WIP and Showcase

Community Events

Upgrade from Free version Problem

Piracy: Repercussions and how to report it

Member Moderation

Forum Rules

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Tutorial Compendium

FPSC Moderator Contact Details


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