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2D All the way! / Sprite Anti Aliasing

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Joined: 16th Jun 2010
Posted: 17th Jun 2010 07:49
I was wondering if there is any way to turn on anti aliasing for a 2D game? Also, can I apply texture filtering to sprites?

I've seen some workaround solutions, so am I right to assume that there is no simple command for this?
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Joined: 14th Oct 2005
Location: US - Virginia
Posted: 18th Jun 2010 01:20
I don't personally know if there's a single screen filter or anything like that to apply AA to everything on the screen or not, but what I generally do is make my sprites with .PNGs and build the AA right into the transparency.

Works fine for me, but I guess you might call that a "workaround". But I don't know of any commands or methods to automatically force AA on 2D sprites.
Van B
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Joined: 8th Oct 2002
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Posted: 18th Jun 2010 14:55
It might be best to use oversized images, then scale the sprites - especially with rotation, as that's usually a killer. I would try making a 48x48 image, then using that on a 32x32 sprite and rotate it, see if it improves matters having that extra resolution.

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