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2D All the way! / Problem 2d programming

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Joined: 16th Jul 2010
Posted: 16th Jul 2010 16:28
How do I define which sprites that should be drawn upon which in Dark GDK? I'm new here.
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Posted: 16th Jul 2010 20:59 Edited at: 16th Jul 2010 21:02
you can take control of the draw order by setting each sprite's priority.

in dbpro: SET SPRITE PRIORITY SpriteNum, Priority

sprites will then be drawn in ascending order. ie, Sprite 1, Sprite 2, etc., with the larger numbers "on top" of the smaller ones.

further, you'll get better help re: DarkGDK by posting your DarkGDK questions in the DarkGDK section of the forum.

good luck!

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