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2D All the way! / How can i make sidescrolling games on MultiMedia Fusion 2?

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Joined: 2nd Aug 2010
Posted: 3rd Aug 2010 07:51
How can i make sidescrolling games on multimedia fusion 2? you know, games like, MEGA MAN, SUPER MARIO BROS., and SONIC THE HEDGEHOG. so can you please answer me and help me out? you can even give me the link to a video that may help me.

Grog Grueslayer
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Joined: 30th May 2005
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Posted: 4th Aug 2010 06:35
You should probably go to their forums on their website... which isn't here at The Game Creators since TGC didn't make it.

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Joined: 5th Aug 2010
Location: Manchester, UK
Posted: 5th Aug 2010 08:53
Its actually pretty simple in MMF1.5 / 2

Ive got a 80% completed Baddudes Vs. Dragon ninja Engine in MMF2,
I say 80%, I got 1 or 2 players working, and got as far as I writing the AI for the Bad guys, and I kinda lost interest,

anyway, Checkout for tons and tons of help on MMF's

but start with the detectors for collision, and then gravity, thats how I wrote mine, once the jump/duck/fall are working, Fast loops or not, the rest will plop into place,
with regards to scrolling, personally I, center the scrolling on an object that isnt the player,
and when the players X is greater than the object, the move the object along the X axis, this gives the effect of Street of Rage type scrolling,
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Joined: 10th Oct 2009
Location: Australia
Posted: 8th Aug 2010 08:43
Is this what you're looking for?

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