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Dark GDK .NET / Camera problems.

SOTSOG FPS GameCreators
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Joined: 5th Apr 2008
Posted: 3rd Aug 2010 17:25
hi all

i'm new to but have been programming in vb for a few years. i've wanted to get into creating apps with darkbasic in mind and is perfect for that. my problem is that i'm using the gamelevel sample to try and test my ideas out on first. i've got my viewport and below it are two buttons, one called 'First person view' and one called 'Top view' i've coded the buttons to change when pressed but i'm stuck on how to get the camera to change to a bird's eye view of the level when the 'top view' button is pressed! tried rotating it and changing the position but with no luck, i just end up in the middle of no-where and can see the sides of the room i was in. any help with this would be great. thanks
Yoda Master
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Joined: 23rd Feb 2008
Location: Genova
Posted: 3rd Aug 2010 22:11
The question you made is not very clear, but what I suggest you is to take advantage of the "point" method, which will help you to keep the camera focus exactly where you want!

Can you be a little more "exaustive" than "in the middle of no-where"?

Bytes from incoming years
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Joined: 15th Oct 2010
Posted: 15th Oct 2010 22:41
olha cara eu tenho um tutorial que seria talvez de boa ajuda pra vc
xix psycho xix
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Joined: 15th Sep 2008
Posted: 26th Oct 2010 20:01 Edited at: 26th Oct 2010 20:02
sorry guys this post was made in the wrong place so i deleted the message. Meant to make a new one sry

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