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FPSC Classic Work In Progress / [X9] Nazi Zombies: Sinister Intentions

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Joined: 9th Aug 2010
Location: UK
Posted: 13th Aug 2010 23:20
Nazi Zombies: Sinister Intentions

Created by kaixboi

"In a top-secret, undisclosed location, the Government have been breaking legal boundaries under the countries nose. Without warning, the place was attacked by "the undead and their loyal hunters". As a military guard, you must fight for your life. The only problem is, when the biohazard crates broke open, something more sinister than you could imagine was

Special Features
Cash System
Hellhounds + "The Sinister Secret"
easter eggs + hidden passageways
in-game radio sounds add t the atmosphere and story.
spooky noises to grab the unprepared.
Mystery Box
Barrier Teardown

Features TBC
artillery assist
glowing enemy eyes

Screenshot: Main Generator

Nazi Zombies = RULES!
A r e n a s
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Joined: 9th Jun 2008
Posted: 14th Aug 2010 02:46 Edited at: 14th Aug 2010 11:30
You've inspired me to do some work on z mod v2 Got my competitive side out

For your map I would advise placing a few more entities around the place. If you want to leave the floor bare so you don't interfere with the zombie AI, then add stuff to the walls and ceilings, and add flat things to the floor, just to liven it up a bit Try adding some partials as well, they have no collision and look great! Perhaps some more lighting to darken the entrances of the zombies as well would add a spooky effect to your map

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Joined: 13th Aug 2010
Location: United States
Posted: 14th Aug 2010 05:04
more pics?
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Joined: 2nd Dec 2009
Location: sLOVEina
Posted: 15th Aug 2010 10:41
This one picture isn't showing us anything but a few stock entities...

Contact me in Skype,name- nejcplan
Assault Tek Games
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Posted: 17th Aug 2010 20:50
Very Cool

Matthew Torres

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