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FPSC Classic Work In Progress / [LOCKED] my first fps demo

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Joined: 25th Aug 2010
Posted: 25th Aug 2010 22:54
Hey guys this is a demo to a a game that i am working on it is still in beta so it is not done im going to add voice actors effects and bigger levels and weapons this is just a little sample of what i am going for enjoy

ps tell me some ideas you might have for this

i am behind you in front of you you just don't know it


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Joined: 18th Jul 2007
Posted: 26th Aug 2010 00:35 Edited at: 26th Aug 2010 00:35
You might want to read this:

On top of that, the .EXE alone is not playable. You will need
to package the folders that come with it in order to play.
When you package them, you will need to upload them to a file
sharing site such as

This will most likely get locked however. Good luck next time.
(On a side note, how was this thread even moderator approved?)

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