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FPSC Classic Bug Reports / game testing problem

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Joined: 1st Sep 2010
Posted: 1st Sep 2010 20:21
Here is the problem;

I finish editing the level and go to test it and when it finishes loading i hit okay and my mouse pointer is just stuck in the center of the screen resulting in me having to ctrl alt del and use the keyboard to get rid of the process. Sometimes I can successfully run my game and it runs great but other times i cannot. The thing is, the game opens a new full-screen window to play it and my mouse is still stuck in fps level creator. The mouse is completely fixated in the middle of the screen. Any ideas? this happened to me on the old fps creator as well when I used XP, but I am using vista 64 for this.
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Joined: 26th Jan 2010
Posted: 14th Sep 2010 18:37
well it has never happened to me in fps creator but in other fps games (online) it does happen it's a normal thing I guess though if you told me your version of fps creator then I might be able to help.


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