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FPSC Classic Work In Progress / [X9/117] In Space II : Operation Phantom

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Posted: 11th Sep 2010 21:33 Edited at: 12th Sep 2010 01:36
Hey all !

Please apologize my bad english, I'm French.

Dev : Dark_Side_

Description : In Space II will be the sum of several short independant missions ( approximatly 3 maps ). Into those missions, you will be somebody like a scifi commando. The game is in the 23th century.

The first mission is Operation Phantom.

Storyline : Since several month, a space cruiser is wandering through the universe. It was found in the Hadeus space system. You must go inside and discover what happened in this spaceship... ( No, there is not zombies or monsters, just robotic terrorists )

Here is two videos :

( I won't translate the text in the videos, because it doesn't really matters )

Screen attached

Sorry for bad english, I'm french


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Posted: 12th Sep 2010 01:08
yo dark side ^^ warleader from sdn, you have to stick to the rules ,otherwise this thread will be lock ^^

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Posted: 12th Sep 2010 08:08
cool game... lol

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