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FPS Creator X10 / Model Pack 9&10 working incorrectly.

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Joined: 5th Feb 2008
Posted: 6th Oct 2010 04:39
Well. I have been around this place for a while granted on LOA's most of the time but I am currently having problems with Model pack 9&10 they give me this error when trying to pick one up after placing it in the editor.

"Runtime Error 118 - Array does not exist or array subscript out of bounds at line 18638"

Oh and when I installed them I used the install for x10 option.

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Joined: 22nd Apr 2008
Location: Canada
Posted: 6th Oct 2010 13:55
make sure you have updated Fps Creator X10 to the lateest version 1.11..
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Posted: 18th Oct 2010 11:36
Still don't work.

(i only tested MCS870)

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Joined: 19th Sep 2009
Location: Volgograd
Posted: 23rd Oct 2010 06:17
Interesting, that gun is from model pack 9 right? I would email EAI about it.

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