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Dark GDK .NET / DarkGDK.NET - Installation Issue

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Joined: 7th Oct 2010
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Posted: 8th Oct 2010 02:13 Edited at: 9th Oct 2010 05:24
DarkGDK project template does not show under File --> New Project in VS2008 PRO SP1. I am running Windows XP Pro SP3. Can anyone help?????


Steps to resolve (in case someone else has this issue):

1. Copy the entire contents of the templates folder to your VS2008 templates folder. (For example: [C:\Program Files\The Game Creators\DarkGDK.NET\Visual Studio Templates] to [<user name>\Documents\Visual Studio 2008\Templates\Project Templates])

...where <user name> is your windows login name.

2. Open a new project based on DarkGDKApplication template (should be showing up under "My Templates").

3. If the referenced components "DarkGDK", "DGDKLib", or "DGDKPlugins" could not be found you MUST remove the references and then re-add the references to the project template.

For example:
a. Click on the "Project" menu.
b. Then click on the menu item to access the project's
properties, generally at the bottom of the menu.
c. Next, click on the "References" tab.
d. Under the "Reference Name" column heading you should
see "DarkGDK", "DGDKLib", and "DGDKPlugins". Remove
the ones that are "not found" by selecting the reference
name in the list and then clicking the REMOVE button.
e. To add the reference back just click the ADD button.
On the .NET tab find the component name for each of the
missing reference names listed in step D and add them
back by clicking OK. (NOTE: You can only add one
component name at a time.)
f. Once you have all of the components referenced back into
your project you should be set. VS2008 should retain
the referenced component names for subsequent DarkGDK

Hope this helps anyone that had this problem! (Oh by the way this occurred only on my XP system. The install went fine under Vista and I plan on testing under Windows 7 soon!)

....peace out!


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