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FPSC Classic Work In Progress / [LOCKED] War the game

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Joined: 30th Oct 2010
Location: Canada
Posted: 30th Oct 2010 23:30
Hey guys! I'm from Jayit Games Inc. one of the many divisions of Jayit Inc.

I am presenting to you "war" an action filled 1st person shooter. If you love COD youll love this.

Currently we are still in production of the game. We do not have a realese date yet and will try to get the demo out ASAP!

Any questions or comments please post

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Posted: 31st Oct 2010 13:09
Quote: "I am presenting to you "war" an action filled 1st person shooter"

No, you have presented nothing. Obviously, you didn't read the rules for this forum.

Now I believe that the standard procedure at this point is to lock...

Utility plug-ins (26-JUL-2010)
I'm applying terms of use that require you to wear a red nose and honk a horn whenever you use the Internet

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