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FPS Creator X10 / Lighting problem and request.

i love zombies
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Joined: 26th Jan 2008
Posted: 4th Nov 2010 22:47
Yet again the lighting problem is happening, but its just when you approach a metal floor from the Scifi Built in segments, the light will slowly appear, but from a distance its like the light does not exist! Anyone know a fix, or is it Just v11 (shame there will be no more Updates) Also i'm getting a bad problem of Clipping, if walking into a static object, no matter what fixes i try, i fall through the floor eventually, any fixes for that (its for all the models) Also is it possible to Have a Deus Ex Inventory (where its in squares and you have to organise what weapon you want, and each weapon takes up a certain amount of squares.)and health system, (Where if you get shot it shows the damage on a model in the top left, and your accuracy degrades, loosing chest or head means death, and loss of both legs mean you crawl along all the time) which is for a commercial project im doing so if someone could make something like that it would be a big help thanks.
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Posted: 5th Nov 2010 19:35
Show me a screen shot please?

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