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FPS Creator X10 / pelease help me to buld out my game with fps c x10- i get error

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Joined: 6th Nov 2010
Posted: 6th Nov 2010 09:57
hi im aryan and im new , its about a week that im using fpsc from iran so i have som limited to acces some good sources.
when iwant to test my game or build it i have error u see blow:
(befor seeing this error vs2012 debuger will apear)

" the application has encountered a problem and needs to close.
if this problem persists,please upload your fpm level to the fpc bugs farum,along with discription of the steps requred to reproduce the problem and a jpg screenshot of screen displayng the problem"
i have the requred system ,and higher, but i have xp sp3
please help me

i want to do my best.... so please help me


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Posted: 6th Nov 2010 14:13
Quote: " but i have xp sp3"

X10 cannot run on XP. You need Vista or W7.

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