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FPSC Classic Work In Progress / [LOCKED] Duty Calling Beta Open

Red Image Games
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Joined: 9th Nov 2010
Location: United Kingdom
Posted: 10th Nov 2010 03:06
Hey all!

Red Image Games presents to you, DUTY RISING ONLINE.

-Battle against other players in a big ffa map! (free for all)

-Play with your friends!

-4 Different classes to choose from!

-Free beta testing!

If you want to join me sometime testing the game out then feel free to ask, I got a lot of time on my hands

-Tyler of the Red Image Team
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Joined: 14th Aug 2010
Posted: 10th Nov 2010 13:39 Edited at: 10th Nov 2010 13:41
I think this will be lock,anyway here the rule


1.) Name of Game; this can be substituted by a Title Graphic (the Game name must be in the graphic). The graphic should be reasonable in size.

2.) Developer name.

3.) Which FPSCreator you are using: must be in your thread's title as either [x9] or [x10].

4.) Storyline and/or description.

5.) No limit on screenshots in the initial post; but you MUST have at least one (in-game only; thumbnails are acceptable) in your INITIAL post. The mandatory image MUST be either viewable in the post itself, without having to click a link; or available by clicking on the attachment button. Screenshots should not exceed 800x600 pixels; no one wants to have to scroll to see your image. You may link to a larger image however.


6.) Link(s) to additional images.

7.) Website and/or videos...must be click-able.

8.) Demo download link...must be click-able.

9.) Credits.

10.) Contact Info.

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Joined: 2nd Dec 2009
Location: sLOVEina
Posted: 10th Nov 2010 13:58
The title states that the name of the game is Duty Calling,yet you say it's called Duty Rising *facepalm*

Contact me in Skype,name- nejcplan

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