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Music & Sound FX / New Royalty Free Music! (3 songs!)

Matt McFarland
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Joined: 28th Nov 2003
Location: Cincinnati, OH. USA
Posted: 24th Nov 2010 05:20
Hiya Folks! I've been pumping out some more music that I hope finds a home in your video games.

"Mad Mad Men" - Intense, Lead Guitars, was most difficult for me to make, and took about 20 hours between 3 days.

"Trade Off" - Techno, Pop, Chip Tunes, and Hip Hop all in one. Took me 5 hours to make.

"Street Lights" - Heavy Hip Hop influence, highest rated on Newgrounds and Kongregate (4 stars) ironically took me 2 hours to make ha.

Get them at're at the front page) and please let me know what you think. I'm trying to get better at this!

DBPro Master
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Joined: 16th Apr 2003
Location: Metropia
Posted: 7th Jan 2011 20:16
I think I might be able to use some of your music. Considering you only live an hour from me I should probably put you in the credits so you don't hunt me down!

"Only the educated are free" ~Epictetus
"Imagination is more important than knowledge..." ~Einstein
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Joined: 26th Dec 2006
Location: Duffield
Posted: 7th Jan 2011 22:55
Great music Matt!

I will very likely use some of your music on my current WIP "Ker-Bang"

I'll credit and let you know if I do.


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