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FPS Creator X10 / anybody know if dextfoft media models are compatible with fps creator x9

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Joined: 23rd Sep 2010
Posted: 25th Nov 2010 05:54

and if they are compatible how are they installed?

example zip file or aplication?
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Posted: 25th Nov 2010 10:18 Edited at: 25th Nov 2010 10:20
yes it does but you have to make it all work, ie fpe files, dds files and if want effects normal and spec, if you know what you are doing then this should be no problem.

i presume the 2 things you mainly need is the x. model and the textures but some model companies have 2 lots of textures to model one, this will to my knowledge not work with x10, but maybe send a personal email to dexsoft. the main thing in my eyes is wait until you are well versed in the ways of x10 before spending, learn how fpe's work and how to make them, how models and textures work. then when you know all this you will know how to do what you ask.

so ask the dexsoft company if they make straight into x10 models. and if animated and all ready. and if they do then great but if you have to tinker i suggest hold off a short while and experiment with what you have (make copies and mess with the copies).

sorry your asking for x9... suggest try x9 forum [b]under fpsc chat

an unquenchable thirst for knowledge of game creation!!!

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