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FPS Creator X10 / i have a simple question!

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Joined: 14th Dec 2010
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Posted: 15th Dec 2010 04:47
i just purchase FPSCreator DX10 Version!

i have a simple question!

btw, is the model packs for FPSCreator DX9 can be used into my FPSCreator DX10??

plss answer!!

PC Specs:

Intel Core 2 Dou E7400
Nvidia Geforce 9400gt 1gb Memory
3GB memory RAM
Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit

thats all thanks

FPSC Tool Maker
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Joined: 24th Jun 2009
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Posted: 15th Dec 2010 18:25
Quote: "btw, is the model packs for FPSCreator DX9 can be used into my FPSCreator DX10??"

Yes they are.

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Posted: 15th Dec 2010 22:32
Yes and No.

While most will work without a hitch, there's a few that simply CAN NOT work, such as the new Viral Outbreak pack because of the difference in how Vanilla and X10 handle their shaders and resources.. And there's a few models that require manual tweaking every now and then. But yeah, 90% of everything works between both versions.

science boy
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Posted: 17th Dec 2010 13:02 Edited at: 17th Dec 2010 13:05
actually virus outbreak works fine if yopu are willing to change the shaders to x10, all it takes is gimp and and change the specular and if want the d2 files. then change shader effects to bumpbone and mess till you get the effect you want, it will not be exactly the same although i have it pretty close and also there behaviour is good ragdoll ai and all the trimmings so if you know what you are doing it can easily be sorted.

and the zombie apoc i find lowering the speed of the zombies slightly and doing a small bit of change to the scripts i have them working (not 100 percent but i left it be and started something else. plus had heaps of stuff to do in the real world. but soon i will crack on.

not tried the cinema pack but i heard it works too. so if you have a little experience and know how and patience and wanting the pack so badly you can alter to fit x10.

as to the specs 9400gt is the only problem if there is going to be. check at the top of the forum 'nexts thread' to see if that g.card works

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Posted: 23rd Dec 2010 02:41
Unhelpful Titles

Please do not simply write "Noob Question", "I am a newb", "One Noobie Question", "A question", "Please help", "This isn't working" or anything similar as the title of your post. We have a search facility, and meaningless titles do not help others find answers to their questions. It will also help you to get quicker responses if people have an idea of your thread content.

For KeithC
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Joined: 18th Sep 2006
Posted: 3rd Jan 2011 03:40
For the models packs that are compatible with the FPS X10 software, will they automatically be updated with Direct X 10 graphics?

As to oppose the manual way of doing it such as with gimp explained above.
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Joined: 22nd Feb 2011
Posted: 22nd Feb 2011 20:20
dude everytime you run the model pack it askes you whick verion you want to set it up you just run it again and select X10


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