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Music & Sound FX / Suspense\Emotion in music?

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Posted: 16th Dec 2010 04:21
I was listening to some game soundtracks.
The following is from Conker's Bad Fur Day: 13b-undead.mp3

What can you deduce from this track, analytically (in the realms of harmony, rhythm and instrumentation), that makes this track have this suspense it exudes - which in turn, will lead to the answer of: how can one reproduce such feelings with their original music?

How does our society build these musical references, and where can I find them out in a glossary or didactic form? (too good to be true, I'd say...)
Even though some people are illiterate in music writing, they can still understand the emotions certain compositions bring them.

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Posted: 15th Jan 2011 01:33
heres what i have to say: (Im definately a music major by any means) Music is somthing that has alot to do with practice. When most of us listen to music we feel the emotion (or theme) being portrayed in the music when the artist knows what hes doing, he doesnt just through a bunch of instraments and notes together, he has the experience to know what is going to work and what wont. I personally struggle with this. Usually for me i experiment and build off the theme that i think im creating. Basically the music guides initially and then i take it were it wants to go... in a manner of speaking... (hopefully that makes at least a little sense.) One thing you should do some research on is scales and thier emotional value. Now another thing though is that note composition isnt the only thing that sets mood or emotion in music. Tempo plays a part as do the instraments themselves, note velocity, percusion etc. Sometimes it takes a natural ability to know what sounds right to get that right feeling. Some people have to work for it while others have it as a gift. Apperantly you and i have to work for it.... lol

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