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Music & Sound FX / Free sound effect for each note

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Posted: 13th Jan 2011 04:45
I'm looking for some free (as in beer and speech) samples of every musical note. It doesn't matter whether it is a piano, guitar, beep or whatever. All I need is a sample for each note in each octave (or as many as possible).

Basically I'm trying to make a web app that generates music, and I need a sound effect for each note.

I've searched for ages, but all I can find are single notes. Has anyone by any chance come across packs of notes like this?

Thanks in advance.

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Posted: 20th Jan 2011 04:38

actualy its funny i bumped into this

My music program i made uses the same process you are looking for.

I have taken the time to actualy digitaly record every single note from an external keyboard source onto my pc for use with Qmidi Studio.

If you download Qmidi Studio from my site i can give you the code to extract the notes from my compiled instruments if ya like.

and goto the download link for qmidi studio.

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