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2D All the way! / Job for 2D artist

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Joined: 24th Apr 2006
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Posted: 22nd Jan 2011 17:50 Edited at: 22nd Jan 2011 17:51
I've just finished the game engine for a full game designed to show off my Box2D plugin. All that's left to do is to replace the temporary media with some quality images, and then make a few levels in the level editor with the new media.

I'm looking for a 2d artist to help with making the media. If you are interested, please email me with a link to some examples of your work (preferably similar to the type of thing I'll need you to make) and how much you'd expect to be paid, and how much you're willing to do, or alternatively contact me on MSN and we can discuss it there. You will of course receive full credit for anything you make. Details are below.

The game is a 2D platformer type game, so all the graphics will be viewed side on, as though a cross-section of the level is visible.

What I'll need:
Animated player and enemy sprites
At the moment I'm using scaled up versions of the player from Heli Attack 3 for both the player and enemies. I'll need animated sprites similar to this but about twice as large. There should be variations to distinguish the player from the enemies. The sprites should be split into upper body and lower body, with about 8 frames for the upper body and 12 for the lower body. (These numbers are just rough estimates based on the number of frames in the current animation, it's up to you exactly how you want to animate them)
I'll also need a dying animation for the player and enemies.

Each weapon should have two images, one with the player/enemy arm holding the weapon, and one with the weapon on its own. There should also be muzzle flash images and projectile images where relevent. The arm will be rotated around the shoulder for aiming at different angles, so the end of the gun should be on a level with the centre of the shoulder.

I'll need a number of weapons, at least:
- Pistol
- Machine gun
- Shotgun
- Rocket launcher

At least one explosion animation. Roughly 256x256 in size.

Level tiles
Tiles which will make up the level. They should all be the same size, or multiples of that size. (ie. if the smallest is 128x128, there could be larger ones of 256x256, etc.) These tiles should include wall pieces, floor pieces, etc.

Dynamic parts
Lifts, moving platforms, buttons, etc.

Please don't just start posting the above images here, as they'll be from all different people, and I need a consistent style, at least within the section that the image is from. I don't want you to go to the trouble of making anything that I won't be able to use.

If I accept an offer, I can send you all the temporary images that I'm currently using, and I can send you a copy of the game in its current state so that you can see exactly how your image/animation will look in game.

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Joined: 18th Jan 2009
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Posted: 25th Jan 2011 04:47
Any chance of seeing a screen or video of your engine in action? What style were you shooting for? The list is also very vague, any chance of a detailed list? Would help with pricing.

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Joined: 24th Apr 2006
Location: On this web page.
Posted: 25th Jan 2011 20:24 Edited at: 25th Jan 2011 20:26
I've uploaded the temporary media to a folder here:

All of those need replacing except for the screenshots at the end, although the actual images need to be twice the size of those ones.

I'll also need props and level parts, but I don't have example images of those yet, only random images which I've thrown in.

There are 3 gameplay screenshots in that folder too. The grey background will eventually be made up of the static tiles. Probably the easiest way is if the artist draws an image of an example room from the level, and then I can cut it up into tiles, and build the level from them.

I haven't worked out all the details yet, but I have an outline for the story. Essentially, I'll need to build two kinds of levels. One sort will be the head-quarters of a group of "extremists". There will be some weapons and things there, but there will also be some technology, like phones and computers, looking out-of-place. It should be dirty and well used. The other will be the inside of an american army base, supposedly the headquarters of delta-force. (which the player works for)

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Joined: 3rd Feb 2011
Posted: 3rd Feb 2011 16:12
You did a good work Diggsey, but it has some details, now i'm going out, but when i come back, I will detail that details

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Joined: 1st Nov 2009
Posted: 12th May 2011 17:46
I'll email you with some of my work. i don't usually do sprites but I would be more than willing to help and so some for free.

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