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AppGameKit Classic Chat / AGK and the BlackBerry PlayBook

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Joined: 23rd Jan 2011
Location: North Carolina
Posted: 25th Feb 2011 18:07
Will the BlackBerry PlayBook ( be a targeted platform?

TGC Lead Developer
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Joined: 21st Jan 2000
Location: England
Posted: 18th Mar 2011 04:30
We are currently picking devices in order of market share and popularity. If it is demonstrated that the Blackberry tablet is bigger than Android, then we'll switch tracks. Right now there are a few devices bigger than Blackberry at the moment, but we'll keep looking at this stable and it might not be too long before AppGameKit supports some of their faster OpenGL touch devices.

I drink tea, and in my spare time I write software.
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Joined: 9th Apr 2004
Posted: 21st Apr 2011 18:12
I just bought a Playbook yesterday and it's just an amazing device.

The screen is vibrant, great viewing angles, silky smooth interface, plays flash like a desktop and best of all the performance is awesome.

So here's a vote for AppGameKit for the Playbook
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Joined: 1st Jun 2011
Location: Ottawa - Canada
Posted: 1st Jun 2011 21:00
With the announcement of the native SDK for the Playbook, using C/C++, OpenGL, etc... I wonder if it would be actually easier for TGC to implement AppGameKit for it.

Remember, it is not Blackberry OS (for smartphones), but based on QNX Neutrino (Posix).



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