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2D All the way! / 2d bullet issue

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Joined: 21st Feb 2011
Posted: 26th Feb 2011 09:48 Edited at: 26th Feb 2011 17:29
Hey guys, i'm trying to create a simple 2 player 2d platformer. I found a tutorial for shooting at but when i ran some of the code, i had errors. The program compiled, but when ran it said the error was Sprite Number must be greater than 0 at line 131. Here is the code for shooting so far:
Van B
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Joined: 8th Oct 2002
Location: Sunnyvale
Posted: 1st Mar 2011 09:33
What is B? - it's quite strange to refer to sprites using something like B-x, I mean it would only take B to be less than 11 to cause that problem, your not showing us where B comes into it.

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flashing snall
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Joined: 8th Oct 2005
Location: Boston
Posted: 2nd Mar 2011 04:24
Yea, make sure you find were it says something like
B=(some number)

If you cant find that, im guessing that B = 0 , and there in lies your problem.

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Joined: 3rd Apr 2011
Posted: 3rd Apr 2011 08:36
I like 2D games,because I think 3D games is too difficult for me.

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