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Joined: 26th Feb 2007
Posted: 2nd Mar 2011 02:31
I am trying to set up my vehicle with a MANUAL trans. Example, if the user has the vehicle in 1st it will have torque and power, if they put it in 2nd gear it has less torque but more speed.

I am trying to use the PAGE UP and PAGE DOWN keys to shift through the gears but its not working. Does anyone have a working example I could check out please?

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Joined: 8th Feb 2008
Location: Aloha, Oregon
Posted: 6th Mar 2011 21:47
You have the right idea I think.

Just adjusting PHY SET VEHICLE MOTOR TORQUE should give you the impression of gear changes, and changing PHY SET VEHICLE MAX MOTOR, or capping PHY SET VEHICLE MOTOR FORCE each gear change should work to control the max speed of each gear.

I've owned DarkPhysics now for several years and am just now working on something that uses the vehicle physics. It's certainly been a challenge getting it working with a model that wasn't designed for it from the start, but I'm getting closer to something that's drivable without bouncing around like a kid in a bouncy house.

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