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FPS Creator X10 / 3dsMax to FPSC (x file issue??)

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Joined: 7th Mar 2011
Posted: 8th Mar 2011 03:19
well i got the panda .x exporter for 3dsmax 2011... first issue i noticed was that i had to attach all parts together as one else they were randomly thrown into wrong locations.

2nd... it doesent seem to export diffuse/refraction/reflection settings etc . just basic colors (also i did notice that .x isnt natively supported for dx10/11).

Any other extensions supported that would allow refraction/reflection etc exported and therefor used in FPSCx10 ?
science boy
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Joined: 3rd Oct 2008
Posted: 16th Mar 2011 15:43
ok with the model

just send as x. file

to get reflection this needs to be done in seperate stages

1. your unwrapped texture stored as a dds file
2. copy the dds file and turn it into a normal map
3. make a specular map of the dds file also

this will all be layered together to make the object reflect and have bump etc.
then all you do is add the effect from the effect bank ie

doors etc

for characters etc moving monsters etc

for lifts etc also try

for floors walls etc


when using a model that has the x file with animation
and all the textures dds, texture/norm map/ spec map

and added to the file fpe/fpi/fps, files

with the effect put next to effect

and insert in game it should work providing you have a light in there.

an example of fpe with effect added


desc = aztec box

aiinit = appear1.fpi
aimain = default.fpi
aidestroy = disappear1.fpi

spawnmax = 0
spawndelay = 0
spawnqty = 0


model = aztec box.x
offx = 0
offy = 0
offz = 0
rotx = 0
roty = 0
rotz = 0
defaultstatic = 1
materialindex = 2
defaultheight = 0

textured = aztec
effect = effectbank\illuminationent\illuminationent.fx
castshadow = 0

then it will work

hope this helps on how to add x models and add the textures to fpsc

an unquenchable thirst for knowledge of game creation!!!

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