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AppGameKit Classic Chat / Will the zune hd be supported?

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Joined: 11th Aug 2010
Location: LU
Posted: 20th Mar 2011 01:48

Cliff Mellangard 3DEGS
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Joined: 20th Feb 2006
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Posted: 20th Mar 2011 23:35
Quote: "Well?"

Its already dead and cancelled by microsoft!
So why support something the developer already have killed!
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Joined: 11th Aug 2010
Location: LU
Posted: 21st Mar 2011 02:21
Ya, but its better than an Ipod for me.

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Joined: 28th Aug 2002
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Posted: 21st Mar 2011 06:23 Edited at: 21st Mar 2011 06:26
Microsoft might have dropped the physical Zune hardware,
but I believe that they are still going to use the software
on many devices.

Not just on phones, but other sound devices as well.
That would make more sense to tackle iPods.

I see the Windows 8 Kernel being used on every OS
that Microsoft makes, from phones and MP3 devices to
tablets, laptops, desktops (yes, they are still around),
and even servers.

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TGC Lead Developer
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Posted: 7th Apr 2011 05:36
Our MS plans are squarely fixed on the Windows Phone 7 architecture, but this will only come along once our primary platforms have been targeted. As Windows Phone 7 is C Sharp, it's not entirely aligned with our C++ engine at present, but we have a couple of initiatives underway to bridge this particular gap and now Nokia have also backed the OS, we are taking MS seriously when we look at our next wave of platforms.

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