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Team Delta games
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Posted: 11th Apr 2011 08:59 Edited at: 18th Apr 2011 02:29
Ok, about time I stoped looking at other wonderful games being made and make my own!
Developer:Team delta games
creators: team delta games.
description: 2 years ago, you went on a simple inflintration mission gone wrong. You killed your tratiouros comander and were officioly dis honourably discharged. unofficioly, you were recrutied by an elite, unknown,and deadly branch of the U.N. called simpily 'skull'
Your first objective: inflintrate a chineese terrorist camp to find out plans of a nucleur strike.
Game features :

Dark AI teams
Terrorist Elite working on it
Terrorist grunts working on it
Terrorist heavys not done
SEAL's - done
skull opritives Working on it.
so far...(only 4 at atime)
M16A4 (holo,holo grenade, iron,iron grenade.)
MBQR? anyway its holo sight
frag grenades
Maps so far9 levels)
forest base nearly done
missile bunker havent started
forst HQ havent started

I've been toying with some ideas of what i want to make and this idea was top, as if (when released) you guys enjoy it i can make sequals (when he was navy seal, missions after this game ect.ect


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Joined: 25th Feb 2009
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Posted: 11th Apr 2011 21:50
Looks empty, use lightmaps, improve design etc.
Try some experiments your own before decide to announce it on these forums.
Learn the basics and so on.

Youtube Name: omegamer666
Current project: Junkys Home, a X9 project where you wakeup in a dark apertment and your goal is to get out of there.
But you´re not alone...
Team Delta games
User Banned
Posted: 12th Apr 2011 02:14 Edited at: 18th Apr 2011 02:29
well okay i agree that was a realy bad image. also i dint add lightmaps in test game to speed up loading. will post a better picture with lightmaps soon. thanks for (any) critisisim It has been acounted for.
sorry its taken so long to get pics will have one 2mrrw!
(this level has been deleted so take no notice of it)

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