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FPSC Classic Work In Progress / [x9] Beyond the Wall of Sleep

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Joined: 24th Apr 2011
Location: Finland
Posted: 25th Apr 2011 12:23 Edited at: 26th Apr 2011 21:26
Game name: Beyond the Wall of Sleep
Developer: Shypaw

Hello. I'm a long time lurker here in the great allmighty tgc, and i once was in the forums back in 2004 i think. Well the company running my email was stopped loong time ago, and i just though i would sign in after a loong time.. heh it was about time to make a new account.

Woahh.. it has been a long, a reaalllyy long time i last time developed anything with FPSC, so this
may be a little bit of a crappy designed game.

I've always wanted to make a horror game, but never had really a chance.
That's why i made a little practice with FPSC after a loong time of break, and well, it turned out to
be a horror game.

..Well it atleast tries to be. I never honestly been into horror genre in gaming, so it might be a
bit of lame..

So it's not a large game. A one level mini-game i suppose. What would you expect from a practice?

Story is seriously not a good one:

"I have seen the dark universe yawning
Where the black planets roll without aim,
Where they roll in their horror unheeded,
Without knowledge, or lustre, or name."
-H.P Lovecraft

I simply cannot think that the dreams are not over yet.

Two weeks ago when when i came home i though that reality was aldready clear to me, but then i woke
up again from my bed again, and again day after day.

I woke up from a dream within a dream, and that was inside another dream.. dear lord i was going to
loose my mind at any moment.. and i gladly would.. only cause that would be an explanation for my dreaming of insane things that never would have existed in a normal life. What is normal life

If i just could have known what was happening to me.. i would have given anything.
I dreamed about wierd places i never could have even thinked about.
Voices i should have never heared. Creatures straight from the sickest mind of a madman.
Just everything was ruined.

I dont know what's happening to me next..this time i woke up in a different place from the others..
it was a quiet warehouse.. i would be suprised if i just wouldn't know that this is a dream..
i wouldn't loose anything if i would look around the place around me..

The game is a sort of like a psychological horror puzzle with a little bit of shooting. I honestly
suck pretty much at making puzzles. Let's see if it's hard or lame.
The level is pretty small, but you will have to run around places for a while to get forward, so i
hope that would make the game interesting. Also player has only one chance to get trough the level.
1 healt and one life. Dont worry. You will have a pistol.

Let's see how this goes

The game doesn't have anything to do with the same titled novel of H.P Lovecraft. It just felt a great
idea to put it there.


I will post a demo today. Building the game .exe is pretty nasty sometimes.

And the demo.

C&C is more than welcome for a project in this early state of progress .[b]
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Joined: 21st Jun 2010
Posted: 25th Apr 2011 16:56
That is... really good! Same with the story. I'll be downloading... now


Rest in peace Heltor. God bless you.
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Joined: 2nd Oct 2010
Location: Serbia, Sometimes Finland
Posted: 25th Apr 2011 16:57
Ok but,whats with the film grain. Its like a bad tv broadcast.
Like a 1970. news

My paragon is not on the poster, its in the mirror.
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Joined: 5th Jan 2006
Playing: FPSC Multiplayer Games
Posted: 25th Apr 2011 17:43
Initial thoughts:

The level looks interesting enough and there is plenty to look at, though the film grain is overdone. Some of the scenery is overlapping or stops/changes too abruptly. The transition on the warehouse wall from lower to upper needs work. A shelf is partly inside a walkway. A walkway goes through a wall into the warehouse and goes nowhere. A little more attention to detail and less film grain would be a big improvement.

Starting with a health of 1 makes it impossible to play for long. Walking down a set of stairs kills you. By the way, the stairs don't join up with the rail on the platform that goes nowhere. Again, more attention to detail.

The lighting is initially set a little low to match the skybox/view outside which would certainly push more light inside. I would like to see more light filtering in through the many windows. It might be a good idea to lock the lighting so I can't just run it all the way up and ruin the mood.

I didn't get past the second room because - like I mentioned about the starting health - walking down the stairs kills me, but what I saw looks very interesting and I'll be keeping an eye on it. I wouldn't normally write so much but it does look very interesting so far. Thanks for the trial.


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Joined: 24th Apr 2011
Location: Finland
Posted: 25th Apr 2011 18:03 Edited at: 25th Apr 2011 18:17

I appreciate your though's. Good to know the mistakes of the game from other peoples point of view, so i can work on the level more.

.. yeah the filmgrain is pretty dang harsh, i may put it down alot. It seemed better still to have it, cause it was a dream where player was in.

Working on more . Maybe a serie of dreams. Let's see first how this turns out.
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Joined: 24th Apr 2011
Location: Finland
Posted: 25th Apr 2011 20:12
Sorry double, but a little update.

Tuned down the grain, and added black and white effect. I think it makes more dramatic look. Your thoughs?

Also working on a little bit of a point-and click style system, and by that better puzzles.

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