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FPSC Classic Work In Progress / Castle Assault - (Return to Castle Wolfenstein Tribute?)

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Joined: 21st Jun 2010
Posted: 27th Apr 2011 03:30 Edited at: 27th Apr 2011 15:40
This is my return to FPSC. I haven't touched the program in a year and a half, and it was only today that I started using it again and had great fun. I wouldn't call this project a "fan game" or "remake", just a game with a similar visual style and design.
I literally whipped this up in 5 minutes.
Don't be too hard on me, I haven't touched the program in a looooong time. But C & C appreciated.

The Story:
Rumours are The Nazis are conducting dangerous human experiments in the castle. A soldier was sent to infiltrate the castle and eliminate the threats. That soldier is you.

Story is probably the worst yet, but I'll work on it later, I just made it up on the spot to fill this thread with the right format.


Rest in peace Heltor. God bless you.
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Posted: 27th Apr 2011 19:31
Looks pretty, well, standard. Nothing glaringly obviously bad with the screen but nothing great either.

I can't see where that light is coming from though.

Quote: "dangerous human experiments"

As apposed to safe human experiments?

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