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Music & Sound FX / New Epic/Trailer/In-Game Music

Christian Andersson
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Joined: 14th Jul 2010
Posted: 15th May 2011 15:00
Hello All Cool Indie-Game Developers!

Now, I will go "blah-blah-blah" for a while, so you can skip the initial crap, but... it could prove to be quite encouraging information for you.

This week, I attended the Nordic Game Conference, and... WOW! So many cool great indie games on the market right now.
What was really amazing: The indie game Limbo kicked a** and won the Best Nordic Game, beating giants like Age of Conan and some other really huge industry giant games. And what is even better: so many cool new indie games that are underway as we speak, made by you guys!

I've worked to write music for a couple of great projects recently with some very talented people.
To mention a few indie games:
- Jeff and Lee at Zarksoft, soon to release a big game on AppStore, called "Empire of the Eclipse".
If you look at the graphics, I don't think I have to mention that Lee has worked for Blizzard.
- Abydos Online, a really big fantasy game underway where the players will be able to shape the world.
- Rock Pocket Games, with their platform game "The Package".

It's really fantastic to see what people can do with games on handheld devices. And for me as a musician, it's also really nice to know that there are no limitations for the music, even if it's a handheld device. An indie game can easily have the same quality as a big Hollywood Film production - it's the developer's choice.

So what have I been up to lately? I have seen some really fantastic results coming my way.
- May 12, it was announced that I won 3rd Prize in the International Songwriting Competition with 15,000 competing songs from 115 countries
- ...and last month, it was announced that I was selected as finalist in the Great American Song Contest with 1600 competing songs from 44 countries.

Besides working with the teams mentioned, I have worked intensively with my music agencies, and been active with submitting music to film contracts.
I have also been working with some new big and epic tunes, ready for licensing, and I am right now freshing up some old productions by making them longer and switching the instrument banks from good instruments to perfect instruments. I have extended my instrument library a lot, getting new cutting edge sound banks, so I now have a studio with equipment for around 10,000€ (14,000$) in hardware and software. It may not sound like a lot, but I can assure you that it's getting more or less impossible to distinguish some of my new productions from real orchestras, which is not strange as the sound banks are using samples from real orchestras - and... yes... these ARE the sound banks that are actually used in Hollywood Production movies!

Now, I'm waiting to boost your cool indie games with my music.
So here's a lil reminder:
- All my current songs can be licensed as is, priced from 40€-200€, depending on length, style and complexity.
- ...or they can be evolved, changed, improved, prolonged, faded, looped and cut - tailor made to suit your wish for NO EXTRA COST (as long as it's <1 working day)
- ...or you can of course order completely new songs.
All my customers will of course be promoted at my News-page, and now that I have both an iPhone and Android phone, I would love to download your games and promote them "live".

So keep up the great work guys! You know where to find me: "", or "craze(at)"
Now, get back to coding and let your creativity kick some industry-giant-a**, just like Limbo did!

Best Regards

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