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2D All the way! / Class aware of another class

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Joined: 22nd Oct 2010
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Posted: 19th May 2011 22:22
Hello everyone

The problem that I am facing at the moment is how to make classes communicate with each other.

I am making a game with different classes and so now I have got the player, background and enemy. I have made a background and I am trying to paste it behind the player so he can walk on its surface. Unfortunately when I create the background class, my character disappears from the screen. I know that the player is behind the background, because I have used the dbShowSprite and dbHideSprite function. I have also tried to use dbSpritePriority to make my character a 1st plan sprite - it never worked. I have played around with creating the background before or after I create my sprite, but still background always stays at the top. Do you know why?

P.S. I am sorry for so many topics requesting help, but I guess that everyone has to learn these things one day and I can see I am only getting better in finding solutions to my problems




Cyclops.cpp (player)

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Posted: 20th May 2011 05:24 Edited at: 20th May 2011 06:02
One way to get around this would be to move the
to after
I don't know why this
wouldn't work though.

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