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FPSC Classic Work In Progress / [LOCKED] First game, be gentile, but honest

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Joined: 17th Sep 2009
Posted: 21st May 2011 02:27 Edited at: 21st May 2011 03:17
Okay so I dusted fpsc off and reinstalled it after a year and a half. Then proceeded to relearn everything. This was my results of following raymondlee306's tutorial in the community guide 2 after adding a few personal touches including some rescripting and using some 3rd party content to polish it off. Please pass on any opinions.

E. Allen Soard

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Posted: 21st May 2011 12:00

I don't mean to alarm you, but your WIP thread may get locked because you need to provide some specific information.

Take a look at this:

Good luck.

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Posted: 1st Jun 2011 08:34
W.I.P evidence

SCREEN SHOTS are required for all posts you make in this board. If you've got a demo of a game then great, post a screenie of it, and maybe even a download. Otherwise, you're not really at the stage where you can call it a Work In Progress.

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