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FPSC Classic Work In Progress / [x9] Shadows of Earth [WIP - 50% Done - June Release]

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Joined: 28th May 2011
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Posted: 29th May 2011 04:05 Edited at: 30th May 2011 11:07

United Armies of Democracy (Good)
Alliance of Rebel Nations (Evil)

You awaken on a cold metal floor.. you remember fighting along-side your allies (The UAD), trying to stop someone.. but you don't remember who that "someone" is. Suddenly a loud ticking noise is heard next to you, and a deafening explosion causes your ears to bleed. The rest.. is a blur.

Upon being brought into the hospital.. you head straight into surgery, as the doctors save your life. What you don't know.. is that your in an enemy hospital (ARN). The very people you were trying to fight, are using their technology to save your life.

You awaken months later, finally healed.. no memory of your past. A clean slate, and a fresh start. An older man in a leather jacket and black fedora comes to visit you on a regular basis. He becomes a friend.. and eventually, a mentor. He teaches you how to fight and defend yourself. You ask about leaving these tunnels.. these underground halls.. and your quickly told about the situation the whole planet is in. During the time in which you were in a coma, the world has been nuked. Countries destroyed themselves, and each other. Leaving deadly radiation everywhere. It's easy to forget what life was like outside of the tunnels.. since you don't remember it.

You are becoming more powerful than you ever were.

As the months turn into years, your given a purpose. Train, stay healthy, and learn how to use your abilities. But soon, those abilities will come into full use. A war is brewing once more.. The UAD and the ARN are at war.. you have long been forgotten in the UAD, assumed dead. The ARN has no intentions of telling you otherwise.

The mutants from the outside world have broken into a key UAD underground city. They are attacking both sides.. not caring.. not knowing.. who they are attacking. The brainless mutants only want food. Nothing else.

Your being sent into battle. Your mission: Kill everything the underground city. Mutants, UAD soldiers, everyone but your own ARN men. However, something else will soon catch your eye.. a link to the past you long forgot. For inside that city, is a hard drive.. with all your prior information on it. You will be haunted by the image of a beautiful woman.. with long black flowing hair.. who is she? Why are you dreaming about her?

A soldier who has worked both sides.. and doesn't know his past. A legend.. will be born.


The game is being developed with FPS Creator X9, and will use the Scfi packs, and some other packs. The main graphics technique I'm using, is bloom lighting. I want this game to look beautiful, while keeping a steady framerate.

I'm achieving this by keeping all levels on one floor. No going up, or down. Long, twisting tunnels.. easy to get yourself lost.


June 2011. For now, here's a test video. Very blank, it was only a tech test I made for a friend. This was before game development started.


From the latest test build.

Comments and suggestions welcome.
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Posted: 30th May 2011 00:01 Edited at: 30th May 2011 00:02
You need at least one in-game screenshot in the post itself, not a link (so it won't get locked). Here's how:

Post individual screenshots from the album instead of just the whole album.

There's also a guide on how to post your WIP games in the WIP section:

Hope that helps!


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Posted: 30th May 2011 00:30 Edited at: 30th May 2011 00:31
Quote: "and a deafening explosion causes your ears to bleed."

So his ear drums were busted... which could be fatal, but if he was to live, he would be deaf for the rest of his life.
I thought I would point that out. Maybe you could reword it to say he was slightly deafened at the time of the explosions,
but the whole ear explosion deal would mean you would hear no sound while playing your game, to be realistic in that matter.

There is my suggestion.

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Posted: 30th May 2011 12:44
What I see: all stock and no lighting (bad)
Try doing some re-textures and adding in some model pack media to give it a more custom feel. And add lighting.
The Colonel X character has no shader but the robots do, if you put a shader on one character, put one on the rest.

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