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FPS Creator X10 / FPS Creator X10 and Model Packs

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Joined: 30th May 2011
Location: Telford
Posted: 31st May 2011 18:24

I am new to FPS Creator X10 and would like to know if all the model packs work in X10 as i have 1-22 and only the 3-4 seems to show up.

Any ideas?

Many Thanks

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Joined: 26th Jul 2010
Location: Preston, Lancashire
Posted: 27th Jul 2011 14:14
Are you using a x64 version of Vista or Win7? if so, make sure that the other packs haven't installed to the 'non x64' program files folder.

To explain, when you access your C: drive, you will see a folder named 'Program Files'. With x64 versions of windows, you will see two of these folders, but, one of them will say x64 after it. Some of the model pack by default install to the 'non x64' folder.

When you come to reinstall them, make sure that when it asks you where to install them, you choose the x64 folder.

I hope this helped.

science boy
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Joined: 3rd Oct 2008
Posted: 28th Jul 2011 22:30 Edited at: 28th Jul 2011 22:38
most work but you need to know what your doing,

need fixing or altering are

theatre pack not bought

horror gore pack ( with chainsaw ) never bought

zombie apocalypse script and fpe editing needed on the mob zombies

viral outbreak pack a lot of work needed to make it work, changing shaders and changing scripts.

nature pack needed a lot of altering as in fpe changing collision modes and a main issue had default static which i oversaw for ages till i erased by accident then i could move, then had to change transparency for trees to be fully visible.

so the answer is yes they work but you will be at it for ages. messing about but worth it for you to have a go as you will learn heaps and feel proud to of done it.

will need gimp, paint net , note pad , lots of time, and if it all goes wrong re install the pack so nothing to lose all to gain.

a few pointers are

textures which are what go on the models ( the paper to hold the paint as it were) need to be dds format ( paint net and gimp) do this conversion for you.

fpe fps fpi are the glue to the game

fpe are for entities and hold the info as in what mesh and animations to height and sounds etc.

fps segments are made with these.
fpi the brains behind it, headaches a plenty are coming your way but it is logical and once you get the jist you start to speed up and things fall into place. as i say though its a long road and suggest check out all aspects of the fpscx10 dabble look explore gutt it and put it back and this will make things easy in the end

an unquenchable thirst for knowledge of game creation!!!
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Joined: 17th Jul 2011
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Posted: 31st Jul 2011 08:19
Yeap actually they work, I just tried it, but you need some modifications for those packs to run. =))

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